• Merewen

    I’m in agreement with everything you said. I think the fact that Spike Lee is invovled makes it tad bit tolerable. Hey. Maybe they can get Tarintino to produce??

  • http://www.seoulbeats.com Nia

    Spike Lee hates Tarantino so that would be a definite no, haha. And if I recall correctly, Tarantino was head of the judges panel at the Cannes Film Festival when this was screened. He wouldn’t want to mess with a classic.

  • eboy07

    Lets see what Spike Lee has to offer.

  • JUN

    spike’s a lunatic

  • Freesia

    The interesting thing is, when writers come up with their own ideas and stories, they tend to want to make it as well-developed and unique as they can (to set it apart from the rest). When Hollywood takes work – especially intricate work that has already gained a cult fanbase – and try to create a remake, they tend to do the opposite – dumb things down and use gimmicks to try to target a larger audience. Quite frankly, I find it insulting not only to the original author and fans, but also to their new target audience. I’m not saying ALL adaptations are like this (The Departed is a good example of an adaptation of an Asian movie done right), but most of the things they have adapted from Asian media have lost their original feel and magic. I mean, if a wheel ain’t broken, don’t fix it?

    I don’t feel like this film NEEDS a western remake since western audiences already have some degree of exposure to it… but I guess I won’t pass judgment until it’s out.

    • lay

      YESsss …totally agree with you. just leave this great movie alone … whoever.

  • eh

    I cannot make a reference to the movie at hand here. I don’t watch k-movies at all. However, I firmly believe there are some things that you shouldn’t remake. Only because Hollywood does tend to ruin things. This has nothing to do with people enjoying “Transformer 3” – or spending their money on “Green Lantern” even if the reviews say it is bad. The point is some forms of entertainment does not need to be glamorised by America.

    As a Brit it annoys me to no ends when America remakes British shows. Rarely does Hollywood do Asian movies justice and sometimes they just make a mockery of the whole thing. It hasn’t got to do with originality, but the mere fact there isn’t respect for the prior work.

    I think we’ve all got something close to us that we’d hate someone else to remake. To pretend you’re bigger than that somehow is laughable. I mean I’m a big Buffy fan, when there was this rumour going about a Buffy remake without Joss Whedon — I think most fans went mad. It’s like Peter Jackson not have made Return of the King.

    Some things are iconic because of their directors and their actors. When someone comes in and says we’re taking it — yes it makes some people go WTF and OMG PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T RUIN IT. It has less to do with originality and more to do with ruining a established piece.

    • http://www.seoulbeats.com Nia

      Not pretending I’m above it all, I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate. My main point is to wait and see and try not to be pessimistic from the outset. If it sucks, you can bet I’ll be on Seoulbeats writing a scathing review, but I’m not going to wait for it to suck.

      Addressing Transformers was addressing the argument of lack of originality.

      And, I feel you on the british tv remakes. But for me it all has to do with context. Shameless being remade on Showtime? I can work with that (I’ve watched it and it’s a great reworking of the show). Skins on MTV? Um, no thanks, MTV sucks and is, as a basic cable channel, incapable of putting the cursing, sex, drugs etc in the show as openly as UK skins (thank god it got canceled). And then The Inbetweeners, if the US remake was going to be on HBO, I’d be hopeful. It’s on MTV. Kill me now.

  • Kyana

    I absolutely hate hollywood remakes of Asian movies but I actually believe that Spike Lee will not ruin Old Boy. He is the kind of director that puts alot of thought and hard work into the movies he has directed and I doubt he will treat this one any differently than his other movies. And I don’t expect him to change the story at all but I do expect to see alot of black actors.

  • benny

    I actually thought that Tarantino would direct this since it is similar to his style of film, I have only watched one for of spike lees films and it was an old 80s one so I can’t pass judgement, I am not fund of remakes and less so if the film was made in this decade, but I hate sequels even more so I think its just a wait and see comment for this one

  • Jenny

    The Departed was a butcher to the original. Disgusting and cheap.. should not be even compared. Stupid Martin

    • http://www.seoulbeats.com Nia

      I’ve seen Infernal Affairs and The Departed. To me, what was great about The Departed is how it deviated from Infernal Affairs: had it’s own world, it’s own system and status-quo, it was a movie in it’s own right. Comparing the two films is a waste, they stand on their own and I think they’re both great.

  • well

    I’ve yet to like any american remake of asian movies.

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