• Fanny

    “Sometimes you just don’t appreciate the songs in your iTunes as much as you should until you have some down time with just you and your iPod.”

    So true. There are some songs that I keep skipping if I play them with iTune, but totally enjoy them in my iPod.

    Ikemen Desu ne is meh. I tried watching episode 1, and yes there are better looking Japanese actors. A plenty of them. Maybe it’s because they aren’t Jhonny’s..

    • ?

      They are all Johnny’s (at least the main 3)…

  • Daydream

    High five for Heartstrings! This week’s episode was a lot better than last week’s though ep 5 and 6 weren’t exactly bad, just a tad too draggy for my liking. Loved the rain scene as well, the director really knows how to highlight the beauty of silence.

    I actually liked Ikemen desu ne. The acting overall is pretty bad, but in terms of production, direction and music, I have to say they did it better than YAB. I was puzzled at why they couldn’t cast better looking idols/actors (yes I am also terribly superficial) considering the vast selection of pretty boys they are housing at Johnny’s, but meh whatever, at least Takimoto is gorgeous, in fact, I think she’s prettier than the rest of the a.n.jell boys combined.

    also, I thought HanaKimi remake was good. Don’t judge.

    • Johnelle

      Ah Daydream-

      I’m so disappointed in a loyal SB reader like you… production, direction, and music was better in Ikemen Desu Ne than YAB? I totally disagree, I think the music especially was hard to listen to.

      I agree with you though that Takimoto is gorgeous and makes a better looking guy than the other three, though Tamamori isn’t too bad looking.

      And the Hana Kimi Remake? Are we watching different dramas? Or did you steal my rose colored glasses for watching dramas? Hana Kimi Remake to me was worse than Ikemen Desu Ne and don’t get me wrong I loove my Jdoramas too, but these two were baaad. Although I’ll probably still watch them- maybe with some fast forwarding though.

      Anyways, no judging- just some good hearted ribbing and disagreement.

      • Daydream

        dude, what are you talking about? I have excellent taste in dramas!

        ok, on a serious note, I suppose I just have higher tolerance for bad dramas than you, though I honestly think Ikemen is an objectively well-made drama, or maybe i did subconsciously steal your rose coloured glasses.

  • chuey0

    Miss A releases their first full length album and there’s only 4 new songs?! lol
    I like their comeback song though. Never liked their previous songs.

  • lay

    “And sorry to be totally superficial, but weren’t there any better looking Japanese idols/actors out there?”

    uhm … looking at the picture above, i think both the main leads are waaaay better-looking than the korean ones especially the guy. Jang Geun Seuk to me is bleh.

  • *

    The guy on the far left though, who I assume is shin woo, is just awful :/

  • Miori

    Dunno what you don’t like about Ikemen desu ne’ guys… Especially Ren and Shuu are pretty good looking. Also, of course the acting is going to be typically Japanese. They ARE Japanese indeed and are going to act the way the japanese public wants them to. Also, I like the storyline adaption. Since they need to squeeze ALL the YB episodes into a max of around 10 episodes, they need to make choices and changes.