the lyrics sounds bitter, only a ‘man’ like heechul can come up with this ish.

  • kc

    I rather like it, I like rock music a bit more then pop music so it’s not something that’s really surpirsing^^
    I’ve always though heechul fit this style of music better then pop and he’s really good friends with Jungmo, I think this may have been more their idea then SM’s.
    from what I’ve heard this song was composed and written by those two so I think that’s kinda cool, hope to see more from them^^

  • kue

    totally agree…it does sound like a intro to a anime…maybe that was what they wanted.

  • jam

    my first impression was also “huh this totally sounds like an outro to an anime song”
    and second thought was “wow i think i actually like this song”
    but then again i tend to prefer more pop rock than bubblegum pop so this suits my taste
    still tho, wasn’t expecting too much from heechul in the music department, but i am pleasantly surprised

  • velo

    I don’t really care much for the song and I also don’t hate it but the song leaves me to wonder….why did they choose Heechul for a side project? He is pretty talentless and he is the one doing all the singing! I just don’t understand why out of all the idols in SM, they chose Heechul…it’s a mystery…

    • kinella

      they didnt chose heenim for a side project, this is a heenim and jungmo’s project (kim heechul is pretty free to do whatever he wants in SMEnt, he said it himself)

      i guess you don’t like him but sure you cannot say he is talentles: he wrote the lyrics and, as you said, he sings most parts because he can

    • J-may

      i guess u know nothing about Kim Hee Chul…

  • Nana

    I love it ^^ some parts of the chorus sounds Chinese though! hahaha