• Maddy

    Personally I find her as attractive/interesting/exciting as I find watching paint dry on walls…

    Somethings are completely unfathomable.

    • Maddy

      some things*

    • Merewen

      When I first saw You’re Beautiful, I wasn’t aware that she was a pop singer (don’t follow girl groups) and I thought there was something vacant about her. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. Still can’t for that matter. All I can say is Vacant.

      • Mara

        it’s those eyes

        • Merewen

          Her eyes are a little scary. Cross-eyed? I noticed that a lot of South Korean celebrities have a major overbites and hers annoyed the crap out of me. The only part of that show that even thought was real acting was when she was trying to get him to open the door of the studio.

          I’m disgusted with the WHOLE music industry, not just in South Korea. America’s as well. Being talented apparently is not a requirement. Just as long as you “look” pretty. The talented singers are pushed to the back burner or in many cases are not given a chance.

          I laugh as I read the people on here protecting the talentless. Getting nasty and being butt hurt because not every one falls at the feet and prostrates themselves before the talentless.

  • Fatricia Fatlegs

    I’m sure that not a single hint of emotion will emanate from her songs.

  • Alixana

    Oh grow the fuck up. I really don’t get what’s with all the Yoona/Uee hate. They’re not overrated. They’re just over-hated.
    Why, why, oh why must girls always be such fucking bitches towards other, prettier & more successful members of their own sex?
    We can forgive anything but success.
    “She’s a slut.” “No talent” “She’s not even THAT pretty” “Omg, XXX member is sooooo much better and more talented” “Fugly bitch, looks like (insert domestic animal)”
    Can’t it be enough that they have geniunly sweet personalities that attract people and make them like them?
    They are popular only because of their looks – so what? Like talent is something hard earned – you’re born with it. Same as looks. But we are so gracious to forgive ugly girls for their lack of beauty, but no mercy for the pretty ones!

    • kpopboi

      wow… lol.. i dont even.. someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I dont know about you but most of the people I noticed that have anything against Uee 1. Dont use language like that, 2. Are definitely not as angry as you, 3. Don’t actually hate the girl and 4. Aren’t all girls. It might seem like a newsflash to you, but a large chunk of us dont actually hate her. Why do all apologists seem to chuck anyone that doesn’t share their opinion into the ‘haters’ basket. I along with a bunch of people just think she’s not special.. that she’s not worth all the attention she gets. She’s cute though.

      But I couldn’t help but fucking lol at your ‘Like talent is something hard earned – you’re born with it’. Couldnt tell if you just misplaced your head half way through your rant. That’s the stupidest thing ive ever seen typed on Seoulbeats.

      Oh and tell Korea that ‘your born with looks’. Plastic surgery is rife in their culture. Facepalms for all ~ ~

      • kc

        from what I’m aware of UEE hasn’t done plastic surgery, they have pictures from when she was just a wee child out all over the internet… but yes, cosmetic surgery is used alot…
        You have to admit though, girls like UEE and Yoona are hated, simple as that. they may not be the most talented member but what have they done to be hated?
        their company is smart and promotes the members that will sell. while I don’t think I’ve ever really heard her sing, or rap, or really dance for that matter you have to think, she’s getting this single because she’s popular.
        anyways, I think this topic will never end, there will be more girls like UEE, Yoona and even Hyunjoong who get more hype then their more talented band members, it’s just the law the land.

    • Ina

      my friend and I discussed this before, about how girls are genuinely always innately jealous of other girls. its kinda scary how girls can be with other girls, especially those prettier. when that girl isnt looking they just rip them up into shreds, sometimes I feel ashamed of my own sex because of that. not saying that I am not like them, cause sadly I am like that, I seem to find some faults in them.

      personally i kinda liked UEE in YAB, she is the bitch you love to hate. She was an effective actress cause you end up rooting for the Heroine.
      but that does mean I will root for her as a solo singer. I don’t know if she has enough voice props to pull it off but she does have enough popularity with her ahjusshi fans to make a splash somehow.
      But i just think shouldn’t their management let the other girls shine also, UEE seems to be all over the TV lately, she is the one always on dramas, TV shows, CFs and variety shows. I know that her popularity got her that opportunity just hope the others were given some time to shine themselves.

    • Daydream

      oh, I have to disagree with you there buddy. Talent IS something hard earned, it takes time and it takes effort. Not everyone is born with talent and there’s no guarantee that people who do possess natural talent will have it for life.

      “Can’t it be enough that they have geniunly sweet personalities that attract people and make them like them?” Of course, but is Genuinely Sweet Personality going to be enough to make people enjoy bad singing??

      I don’t hate UEE, and I think she’s talented, just not in music. Why give someone who can’t sing a solo album when there are others out there with better vocal and dancing chops?

      Also, people are not forgiving when it comes to ugly girls and their lack of beauty, if it was, why do you think cosmetic surgery exists?

    • Jae09

      Honey, YOU grow the fuck up. Allow others their own opinions, and be happy with yours. We’re humans, it’s in our nature to be jealous, competitive, petty, and immature.

      Not everyone who doesn’t gush over your favorite idols is jealous, darling, nor do you have the right to call them fucking bitches. It takes one to know one.

      This is all harmless comments, no? We’re practically nobodies here on the internet. Does UEE read Seoulbeats? Do you know her personally? Is she going to be seriously affected by the comments here?

      Why are you so angry?

      People can think whatever they want of UEE. As long as they’re not planning on harming her, what’s wrong with expressing their opinions? Just because they don’t like UEE or the way she sings, or her looks, or her acting, do NOT mean they wish bad things to happen to her.

      Go outside. Take a walk. Smell the flowers. Soak up the sunshine (wherever you are). And practice what you preach.


      P.S. You’re a huge idiot if you think pretty people get all the hate and ugly ones are forgiven. I laugh at you.

      It’s been proven over and over again that pretty people have it easier than ugly people. A study was done in Japan that proved people with model-like looks get jobs faster than the ones who look average and plain. Many people are bound to trust pretty people, and are more likely to buy products from them. Look at all the endorsements, and tell me if you see anyone who looks ugly endorsing ANYTHING. Chances are, you won’t, because pretty people get all the gigs especially in Asia, where beauty is paramount and plastic surgery is considered normal.

    • eh

      You caught me out. I’m jealous of Uee. Dammit all to hell.

  • V

    some ppl are to overrated and i dont hate uee, yeah i think she is pretty but i dont like it when they cast a shadow over everybody else in a group. and i hate it when their talentless and ppl boast about their singing or dancing. i just dont like it when ppl get looked over. pledis can sometimes annoy the crap out of me. it should have been at least jungh ah. jooyeon should get a lil something too even though im not sure she can sing but the originals should get love then they should move their way down the list. this all screams that pledis is just trying to make a quick buck off of her fame. pledis needs to organize this damn group. Now this group is based its self on popularity.

  • queenbitch

    obviously she has something the others don’t, which proves her popularity. who the phuck cares if she releases a solo & not jungah. none of you complaining would buy a jungah album anyways. it will never be a success. truth is jungah doesn’t have the it factor.

    • SWalkerTTU

      I have to disagree. Jung-ah is my favorite member of After School (depending on the day and my particular mood). It may have something to do with her pectoral qualities — but hey, I’m male, give me a break. I do appreciate Jung-ah’s voice as well. It has a certain huskiness to it that I quite enjoy. As far as Uee, I’m sure she’ll be well-prepared for this album. Pledis would lose quite a lot of face if it were of sub-standard quality, so this filly will be put through her paces, I have no doubt. Now that I think about it, if I had a definite least-favorite member of AS, it would actually be Uee, but I’m still not one to bag on her just for that.

  • kc

    generally UEE’s anti’s have three major things they say about her- she’s emotionless, she can’t sing, all she has are honey thighs.
    1 she proved in WGM that she does have emotion, while it might not be pronounced twenty four seven like others, she does feel.
    2 this I’m not very sure of my self but since she’s coming out with a solo album we can see for our selves if she can.
    3 and that’s just sexist if you ask me, sorry to go all feminist but how would you like people to say you have nothing other then honey thighs? girls can be so rude sometimes -.-
    it’s true, I don’t think UEE’s the most talented member of the group, I actually think she’s better at acting and should probably pursue that but then again, she’s sort of up against a wall in that as well, even when I think she did great in YAB people were still hating on her.
    she’s getting this because she’s popular and popularity is for the public to decide isn’t it? she obviously has a lot of fans and Pledis sees that so they’re going to milk that money cow till it’s dry.
    I think alot of people are judging her based on her looks, she gorgeous so people try to find her imperfections, whether it be her emotionless facade or the fact that she’s not as talented… who knows though, she might surprise us.

  • http://blackmagic32.livejournal.com/ Tania

    I don’t get the Uee hate. Honestly she may not be the most talented girl in the group but there is something about her that people like. Its a shame that the same thing that makes some like her will make others hate her.

    I guess some people will always have the people they like and dislike but the hate she receives is crazy. I am happy that she is gonna get the chance to show people that she is not just a stone-faced emotionless girl.

  • danny

    pledis fail.

    • clamsauce

      not if they make money off of it. to the management its a pledis win! but to the rest of AS, its a pledis fail.

  • mischa

    People should top using the word hate or “you’re just haters”. You all sound like you’re fresh out of high school. So juvenile.

    Nobody hates UEE, not here on Seoulbeats, at least. I’ve only read of a couple of “I hate her so much, so ugly” blah blah blah nonsense about her and other idols, but overall, many people here have valid criticisms and actually justify their opinions instead of just ranting off.

    It’s actually the avid fans who sound more like “haters”, coming on here, shooting off at the mouth and swearing and accusing others of racism, ignorance, and jealousy. They make a fool of themselves, and you can actually tell who are the ones who are so angry: they have a lot of !!!, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and overall what they say don’t make sense. And they tell others to “grow up”? LOL LOL LOL.

    Newsflash, you childish fans: nothing you say will change people’s minds. They’ll still think UEE can’t sing, doesn’t convey emotion, and only has her looks as her main weapon. DEAL WITH IT.

  • huh

    Bekah is leaving and Uee goes solo?! DAMN!
    What the hell is happening to this group?

  • Rai

    UEE definitely isn’t the most talented member of AS, but she is the most popular. That may be the only factor that matters in her solo release- one can autotune and lipsynch their way to the top.
    I don’t think it’s fair to say that UEE doesn’t have anything more going for her than her ‘honey thighs’. She has shown some acting potential (which I know doesn’t factor into onstage performance). It irritates me to see people call her talentless. Get it right people, she isn’t completely devoid of any type of talent, she’s just not a talented singer or dancer.
    If we think about it logically, Jungah isn’t getting a solo release simply because she isn’t as popular as UEE. People are superficial, and Jungah’s music wouldn’t sell as well.
    Personally, I find her high tone grating, so I wouldn’t really want to hear her go solo.

  • lazyone

    I don’t care what people say. you can call me an Anti fan, you can call me a bitch. but I dislike UEE… a solo album..realli. I was hopping they were gonna say ‘she was graduating’ to persue acting. because acting is her strong point. wtf why a solo. obviously someones sleeping around to get to the top.
    and don’t try to act like it doesn’t happen, about 70% of celebrities now a days sleep their way to fame. remember all those celebrity scandals not long ago, why is this no different.
    I mean, if we go way back and remembe when Uee was first added to the group, she was getting CF deals really fast, alittle to fast. SLeeping with CF deals add up. I mean we cant say shes doing it willingly, but you have to consider, people with no talent or anything get famous to quickly, their is always something shady behind it.

    Yoona too, yoona is averaged faced and as a guy,you would think they would put the leader or idk a hotter girl in the middle, but they used yoona and because yoona is always in the middle, and has more camera time on MV’s and live proformances, she got popular. but why did she? how did she? sleeping with the CEO can do that.

    and im sure we all seen dream high too. their not shying away that the least talented members will be most likely to agree with anything to get to the top.
    Cant trust companies these days.

    • http://twitter.com/SiRaforever1994 SiRa

      let me correct something Uee was famous(not exactly) before she joined AS.Kahi once said that people were curious about her previous CF’s(which she got after yoobin introduced her) and AS got attention AFTER UEE joined…and who are u to judge that she and Yoona slept their way through now. Remember this industry is all about money and power. Couldnt the producers have good eyes and 6th sense that these TALENTED gurls will be popular among the citizens of Korea? And also like some comment above it stated that most reporters/ MC like these gurls. does that mean they slept with all those people because its a chain once u sleep with one person u sleep with another and another. I agreee that these gurls are not the best out in the groups but to say they have no talent are sluts are down right biased…they work hard in wat they do have u watched these gurls dance live? they mite not stick out with their dancin skills but they def fit in with the rest of the band….so who are u to judge them based on what someone else did?

  • eh

    I never thought much of Uee before, but after watching her on a few things she’s actually seems like a nice person. Now watching her having a solo SINGING career will make me lulz so hard.

  • J

    Some seoulbeats writers have this obsession over Uee/Yoona I swear. Or they have this obsession over talking about how ‘overrated’ these girls are when it’s been discussed so many times before they/we don’t need another round of article to do that really.

    I could care less if UEE’s gonna have an album but…do they really have to announce it at the same time as Bekah’s graduation announcement? lol. That’s just.

  • josie

    If Kahi ever graduates, I’m done with AS!

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  • shohre
  • chenchen

    haters haters everywhere. uee is adorable pls