• eboy07

    The best what Korea has cannot compete whit America’s best. Who cares for a korean Chris Brown or Beyonce.

  • benny

    I think Koreans need to stop focusing on trying to find a Korean Beyonce and focus on their own uniqueness. Funny; but I can’t stand the Idol songs but things like the theme songs they have for historic dramas like Yi San I absolutely love; Beyonce is amazing because she is not trying to be some one else she is being herself In America stars are loved for their individuality like Lady gaga and Rihanna.

    • Nia

      I’m not talking about Beyoncé knock-offs. There are enough of those in the idol-sphere. I’m talking about a woman who is strong and independent, with amazing vocals and performances that bring the house down. There is no idol like that at the moment.

      • benny

        I doubt that would actually happen in korea. (am talking with assumptions here) But its more to do with the culture that is more concerned about what their stars look like rather than what message they are sending in lyrics and videos.It is also a problem when the agencies or companies keep creating groups with no talent but look good;therein fill the korean airwaves with B.s. I think the closest they have to that is probably Hyori and BOA although vocals is not their strong point. The piggy dolls are a good example but that balloon burst as soon as you discover their name. So you’re left with with Girls generation or wonder girls factories. But definitely no independent woman.

        • NN

          …Korea in a way has independent guys though
          Look at GDragon, even though he’s greatly influenced by the western style, he creates his own stuffs and trends in korea
          from fashion to music
          Big bang Always mini album was the first mini album ever in Korea
          Lies was explosive !!
          Big Bang style ………………..

          • Emeldy

            G-Dragon came to my mind as well. When you watch his performance you could see his individuality. The guy is a performer and he loves it. You may hate his music but you can’t deny he own the stage when he perform. Watch his Solo Concert you’ll know what i am talking about.

            As for the present generation of idols…. they all freaking look the same and dress the same and Ya they all dance.

            That’s the sole reason i love YG. I like the way they run around the stage. They know how to throw a concert.

  • Aya

    yea, me and my colleagues watched it (in the office hour of course haha) and we talked about it until…well we still amazed of how she went! we cant stop “wooow”-ing until now

    the thing about beyonce is she can appears different without being ‘different’

  • Flick

    CL came to mind particularly her in the live version of The Leaders. She needs a solo album