• sky

    awwe. hoped he’d mention taeyang. I mean, cmon. RnB King of Korea is Taeyang. ;)

    • JRT

      Taeyang is not the only dude to sing R&B in Korea you know just saying. You guys always think he should open for all american artists that have concerts in Korea. Hes not first on everyones list all the time.

      • Emeldy

        Yap he is not the only artist who does R&B, but you can’t deny he’s the best R&B artist in korea. And he is an R&B guy… his dance moves … his voice…his dressing style . I cannot imagine Taeyang singing any other genre. I don’t want him to either.

        • zev

          Don’t you mean that NeYo should be getting cash from Teayang since he stole his entire look, feel and dance.

          Also get your head out of idol music because Teayang is NOT the RandB king of Korea.

          Why would someone want to work with NeYo his songs are all stuck in 2007 and haven’t changed.

        • JRT

          the best?? have you seen or heard of other artists before making that judgement hardly.

          • lesa

            okay frist taeyang is good I love him he’s a great artist and he gets alooot of publicity soooo yeah it would be nice if he did a song with taeyang and jay park jezz act like people like people and that they can collb with more than just one person

  • whatever…

    “Why would someone want to work with Ne-Yo…?” you ask. Let me answer that in two words: Colorblind and knows good talent when he sees it.

    Ne-Yo stole from Jay Park?! OMG! …you really must be behind time or in serious denial. Geez! If you ask Ne-Yo who he pays credit to for his dance, style, he would, and have said the late Michael Jackson. If Michael was alive today ,he’ll be in his early 50’s. Michael paid homage to the late James Brown who was , I believe, would be in his 70’s if he was still around. Some people also gave Bing Crosby,Bill “Bojangles” Robinson ,Sammy Davis Jr etc, for being the entertainers that they are today and what do all of them have in common…obviously,they all were here before Ne-Yo, Jay Park and definitely before you.

    And what do you mean Ne-yo “stole” Jay’s dress attire? There were guys who have danced and dressed like this WAYYY before you were ( Please look at entertainers of the past before judging) Men who are far older than all of you.

    Much as you deny what Jay Park is RB/Pop ,he is and there is a reason why he sings on that genre of music. Not only does he seems to like singing in this style, but he wants to reach out to a broader international audience.Accept that fact…and please don’t let people know that Ne-Yo stole Jay’s style int hat case all of them “stole”, MJ’s, sammy Bings, and James style.. It’s ignorant to say otherwise.

    Ne-Yo sounds like “2007”?,no more than some other K-pop stars. If you ask me,much as I like some K-pop music, it sounds no different from American pop and since you think that Ne-Yo has no originality about himself, there are some of these same artists that question the integrity of K-pop because, they( American /RB/pop artists)also feel that there are their music have been used without their permission.If you’re going to accuse people of stealing things, you should have some facts to back it. Otherwise, if you were Jay’s manager,you would end up getting him sued for copyright infringement,plagarisim for not crediting them for it. Many K-Pop stars do.

    • http://yahoo chiyo

      i dunno where you heard neyo stole from jay park thing… please don’t make stupid assumption. anon talking bout taeyang not jay park. read first carefully before commenting on wrong fact.

  • benny

    If he is going to work with them good luck to them and congrats. But Neyo is a douche bag who likes the sound of his own voice and self importance. He would stab anyone in the back if he felt it would make him look good

    • eboy07

      Did you see what ne Yo did in Japan. Most Kpop Idols could look up to him for that.

  • Vocaloid_haku_fan

    Ok to all the people that are fighting saying that someone should come sing in America or this other person should. No! Like calm down and think don’t you think that all types of fans what that to happen to their fav kpop group and kpop is not the only music industry out there there are others like china or Germany even Spanish their fans all want that to happen to their favorite idol but we have to think and say “they can’t all be famous around the world” so lets just enjoy their singing and if they do make it here to America then OMFG buying the albums and congratulating them but we should just be happy that kpop is starting to spread. Right guys. We should just be happy that kpop is starting to get noticed and we must freaking support that group or solo artist (if we are real kpop fans) so that they make it more to the top so that more kpop idols get reconized and then come to America. :3