• tak

    I’m really anticipating their comeback! Don’t know how their new song will come out but at least their company knows how produce an interesting mv

  • Maddy

    excitement is hardly describes it. lol

  • Liemkopi

    I’ll wait patiently for BEG highly anticipated comeback:-) Fighting!

  • eh

    hey i love BEG! excited for their comeback but Jea’s photoshopped leg looks is ugh..

  • unachicaloca

    sooo excited!!! ^^

  • jules

    This is the one group where I’ve loved all their music! Soooo can not wait!!!!

  • ChaosNouveau

    BEG is the only girl group I truly respect. Their vocals are just fantastic and Miryo is one beast of a rapper. I’m SUPER excited for their comeback and I just can’t wait to see them back in action!!!!!

  • Love.

    I’m definitely looking forward to this!

  • rozy

    woaa..i really love them..
    can’t wait what’s next..
    i love anything about them..
    for their music, i love their old song (soul/ballad) as well as their dance song..
    BEG unnies…hwaiting!!!!!

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