Save for the still-somewhat-sketchy wardrobe choices, I mean, really stylist noonas/oppas (we are equal opportunity here at SB) a bra ON TOP of a shirt? And HUGE TULLE bows?! And itty bitty top hats??!! I guess Orange Caramel just isn’t OC without the slightly costume-y clothing choices. But, unlike our noona Johnelle, I LOVED the big wigs and outfits for the most part. Definitely goes with the whole disco club theme I think they were going for. And most certainly better imho than their take on Disney fairytales. Oh-and that orange lipstick Nana is rocking is TO DIE FOR.


All I can say is, Lizzie, Nana, and Raina have a serious dance track on their hands with “Bangkok City”. I knew I liked the sound of the teaser upon the first tease and I liked the full length track even more. For me, if I can stand to listen to a dance track all the way through without stopping, it signals musical success. I actually repeated the song 3 times when the full track leaked. I know, me and Orange Caramel–whowouldathunkit?!

This might not be everyone’s cup of KPOP tea, but for me, this song and the video remind me of one of my favorite activities–having a dance party with my best gals! In that same vein, the music video (sans wardrobe choices) reflects a night at the club many of us girls (who are of age) have probably gone through. (Although I did notice the lack of sketchtastic guys-lucky!) They even had their After Schoolmate Jung Ah join the party and spin some tunes!

Now for anyone who is wondering- why did they feel the need for this song to be called, “Bangkok City”??! PLEDIS Entertainment has an answer- “This single is part of their One of Asia project and it will mark the beginning of their promotional activities.” Looks like these girls are ready to take their show global!