• pizzaface

    I’ve seen the Thailand photos of Tiffany and I must say she looked really thin and her legs looked horrid. No muscle and fat left. It was unfortunate, since her outfit was kinda nice. I guess Sooyoung and Jessica aren’t the ones who are “fading away” with thinness.

    Tiffany’s body type is rounder than the other girls in SNSD, so when she loses weight, her skin becomes loose and she shrinks. That type of weight loss is usually due to crash dieting without proper exercise. You limit your food intake/you fast/starve yourself so you lose weight, the fat disappears but the muscle also shrinks so you’re left with loose skin and the bones sticking out.

    • pizzaface

      Should say, “Sooyoung and Jessica AREN’T the only ones…”

      • PasserBy


  • hmm

    I feel bad for her because she is always the one getting flack for her looks. Weather its the surgery, which the other members have obviously also had, or her weight. She can never win. Before they called her fat and chubby and now she is too skinny. She’s only 21 and I get the impression she doesn’t have the best image issues so its sad people pick at every little thing.

    The weight thing sucks though. I mean this is the girl who was praised for having honey thighs, now look at her figure, she has lost so much.

    The other day there was an article praising her weight loss and now there is one saying she is too skinny, she’s still very young, its really no wonder these people have such body issues.

  • pizzaface

    It doesn’t help when their own companies encourage them to get plastic surgeries. I read that some people in Korea get plastic surgeries as presents for their high school graduation. Don’t know about you, but that is pretty messed up to me.

    Remember that these idols were only about 11-12 years old when they begin training. The psychological effects of criticisms about their looks must make them very insecure, especially if it’s coming from their own company.

    I read about the Wonder Girls’ Yoobin being criticized for her weight gain last year. But she just said she loves her body and she won’t listen to what netizens say. She must have a strong network of support both from her family and in JYPE so she is confident about herself. Ye Eun has also gained weight since being in the US but I don’t see her dieting her way to very skinny again.

    Tiffany is all alone in Korea. Her family is still in L.A. so she must depend on SME staff to be her support. It doesn’t help when they probably tell her to “work” on her looks and body and then the netizens are adding on to the pressure. It’s really sad that she seems to have a lot of issues with body image and self-esteem. Sooyoung is the same. She has always said she hated her round cheeks, so now she got them and her jaw “reshapened” so she looks so different now. She got a nose job, too.

    IMO, SME idols seem to undergo a lot of changes physical-wise. I’ve never seen so many idols changing their hairstyles/hair color every 3 months or so. Their hair must be so damaged in addition to the plastic surgeries.

    • Dee

      Yeah but even though Yoobin said she was happy with her weight, like tiffany once did, she has lost weight. Compare her weight to how it was when she was called fat and to how it is now, Yoobin is a lot slimmer.

      And a lot of JYP artists get surgery too. Look at Junsu the boy was fine and he went out and got all that surgery done.

      • pizzaface

        Yeah, Yoobin is a lot slimmer. But I don’t really see her body and go, “OMG, she looks so thin now.” because her weight loss looked good. She doesn’t look like her body fat has melted off her. It seems like she went on a proper diet and exercise to lose that weight so she ended up with a fit and toned body. Have you seen her showing off her toned midriff at US Fashion shows? That girl seems very confident about herself.

        I also haven’t read/heard any rumors about plastic surgery on her or any of the Wonder Girls. She doesn’t seem to have the body image issues that Tiffany looks like she has.

        Junsu getting a nose job doesn’t equal “a lot”. A lot means several. So unless you can give 2 or more examples of people from JYP who have gotten plastic surgeries, then I’d say SME still takes the cake. Sooyoung (nose, cheeks, jaw), Tiffany (nose, cheeks), Leeteuk (nose), Heechul (nose), Changmin (nose), Hyoyeon (nose), etc. Kim Dong Wan also admitted that Lee Soo Man gave him a nose job as a “present”.

    • ann

      the first time i saw snsd they all looked the same to me but sooyoung really stand out. for me she was the prettiest. idk why she have to go through it last year. fans may deny but it was really obvious. and i really feel bad for tiffany. i never knew she got all that criticisms. she was not fat. well atleast tiffany was not skinny as jessica i say and she sings better than half of their group.

  • Dee

    I feel bad for her to be honest. She used to be called fat which is out of order because even at her “biggest” weight she was never BIG. She’s always been a slim girl. It sucks that they compare her to other girls because everyone has different body shapes. Yoona is slim and her body is pretty much all the same size. Tiffany is slim but she has bigger hips, her bottom half if bigger than her top half. If you put them next to each other obviously Tiffany would look a little bigger but she’s still far from fat! Or, she was far from fat..

    She’s what 21 years old? And out of all the members she is the one who gets picked on the most. Like someone said before, she always get picked on cause her surgeries but there are members who’ve had just as much done and nobody seems to care. Tiffany is slimmer than Yuri and Hyoyeon but she is the one who gets called fat. I’m not saying they should get picked on because they shouldn’t. I just don’t see why it’s always her. She probably has some messed up image issues because from day one she’s been called plastic, fat, ugly. It’s really a shame.

    And I agree with pizzaface on the part about support. Although I’m sure she has made friends in Korea and snsd are like a family unit, she doesn’t have her dad, sister, aunt or anyone from her family there to give her a hug and tell she looks fine. I can’t see anyone from sm doing that.

  • zamuz

    It’s always the people that have negative stuff to say that make themselves heard. Whether it is because people enjoy criticizing, or because people (in this case the media) pay more attention to the negative stuff. The people criticizing or worrying about her being too skinny probably weren’t giving her crap about her weight when she actually looked like a healthy human being.

    I hate how Korean media has turned netizens into this institution of influential opinators. Every article in Korean entertainment news has this bit at the end, “netizens commented this”, quoting stuff like “please lose weight” when tiffany was supposedly a bit too big. Sure, people’s opinion is important, but for all you know the quote you’re reading was written by a 10 year old kid trying to impress his/her friends, a rambling drunk dude, or just someone acting like a hater on purpose cause they know the news will pick up the hard-hitting comments and put them on articles, giving them the “fame” they’re looking for.

    • Kliks

      Totally agree with your second paragraph. The good-old-time journalism needs to comeback.

  • ohmy

    When she was “fat” she was skinny as hell and now that she’s lost the “love handles” they criticize her for that?! These netizens are killing their own beloved kpop stars.

  • oh why

    i feel sorry for tiffany really. not a big fan of SNSD but netizens always have something to say about them appearance wise don’t they. and its unfortunate that tiffany is pressured to loose weight just because she has a nice figure and a nice set of hips. seriously, do people not like their women to be at the least a tiny bit curvaceous anymore, to have the figure that evolution gave them? i don’t understand fans sometimes. too fat, too skinny, it doesn’t sound like anybody is ever just satisfied.

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