• syndisome

    I thought it was stated before that MBLQ would NOT be merged with Jype as it’s a part of JTune Camp http://narongrith.com/j-tune-camp-clarifies-mblaq%E2%80%99s-position-in-the-j-tune-jype-merge/

    • Johnelle

      Ah, missed that part of the news. Well, that sucks for them.

  • aznboy

    Has it happened before? Where a you win on you’re first week?

    • blah

      Yeah it’s nothing out of the ordinary, M!Countdown is a bit different in that you can still win even if you haven’t performed yet.

  • tank

    Insooni – WOW I already know she’s an amazing singer but I didn’t expect such a rocking performance!

    Secret‘s Ji Eun featuring Bang Yong Gook – Quiet a decent stage setting for Mnet, I guess they are improving bit by bit. Great performance by both and I hope Bang Yong Gook won’t be put in a group with a cutesy concept coughdalmatianscough

    5 Dolls – A bad song is a bad song. T-ara couldn’t even save it

    Dalmatians – I’ll give the guys some slack. They’re not a bad group. Vocally I like them better than Teen Top.