• Kliks

    So the translator lives under a rock and knows nothing… Not even how to use google… Jesus! Even with my lack on english i’ve could do much much much better…
    BTW, his album is really good… Go Yamapi!

    • Kliks

      *The writer of the KBS World article, not the translator…

  • Daydream

    LOL the female version of Kim Hyun-joong. priceless.

  • jen

    i think its a good idea for him to debut in korea
    we hear all these korean artists debuting in japan
    why not the other way around??

    granted…..Japan has the 2nd biggest music industry. Next to the US of course

    so it is kinda counter productive to bother debuting in korea, but i think its a good cultural alliance

  • MisterBlister

    lol, does the translator even know what he/she just wrote??? Last time I checked Yamapi was a guy ??? @_@ lol well at least i had my laugh for the day ^^

  • LOL

    i can’t even tell if this was purely a mistake or the writer (KBS) was trolling

    • reimin

      and if the fans don’t know much, they’ll be freaked having to read Yamapi left NEWS.

  • kj

    It must be because the writer just looked at that pic of him above and thought, this is a girl, our girls in Korea don’t look this pretty, it must be a girl. Hence mistaking him for a girl. lol jks.

  • reimin

    i don’t think he’s really debuting? he’s just releasing his Japanese album in Korea and having concerts like what he did/does in Thailand/TW/HK etc..

    but that KBS article is really LOL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    duh! he’s HE!