• kaia

    1500 Calories? 100 grams of chicken? Good for SNSD and other celebrities who undergo these diets and stick to it, but I don’t think I can be that dedicated to losing a lot of weight/staying thin. 1500 calories is way below the recommended daily intake for women.

    They may not be anorexic, but that is not enough nutritional intake even though it’s only done during concerts and big shows. It’s not like they only do it one day before the concert. It must take at least a week or more for a certain kind of diet to have results. And then there’s the rehearsals and long hours of practice while running on only 1500 calories.

    I’d be so hungry and angry if I were in that situation LOL, that’s why I’d never/can’t be a celebrity. :D

    I don’t know about SNSD’s bodies. They look very thin, especially Sooyoung. Jessica has been losing so much weight, too. Yeah, they get to wear the prettiest clothes made for the thinnest people.

    But I look at their arms and legs and I see no muscle tone. It looks like they are very thin and has no ounce of fat and muscle in their bodies, except Yuri. I’m especially surprised at how much Sooyoung looks to have shrunk away. She is really very, very thin now. Her legs in one MV were a bit hard to look at because they were stick thin.

    • wellsie

      That’s how koreans like em’! If they gain any weight, they get crucified!

    • Aya

      not really, i think 1500 cal is the suggested amount for diet but you’re right, to have those schedules and works they definitely need more and another yes about they’re too skinny…it still freaked me out a lot of ppl say they have great bodies, they don’t scream pretty to me

      • mimi

        you’re right 1500 cal is the suggested amount for diet…but for FAT people lol! not for almost anorexic girls!
        their trainer is an idiot for revealing this! snsd are models for a lot of girls and some might try their diet which is totally inapropriate

    • fangirl.

      1500 calories isn’t really ‘way below the recommended daily intake’ for women. for females their age, and their height– it is actually an alright amount. but i do agree with the fact that snsd are seriously busy all the time and their calorie intake should be a bit higher.

    • mina

      1500 is normal..only fat people eat 2000 calories perday….they’re doing good with 1500 calories

    • Bud

      Actually, women should be getting minimum 1,200 calories a day. 1,500 is reasonable is they’re trying to slim down a little. However, if you’re trying to maintain weight 1800 calories is the maximum limit for women.

      • Kelly

        thx for the advice! :D

  • lindsey

    I kind of feel bad for them, I mean I hope they enjoy their diets at least, or every once in awhile they get to sneak in some good junk food..but I think it’s true ^ if they gain only a little bit of weight they’ll get crucified by netizens, media and sm label. I think it’s hard for them to be judged so greatly on their weight…then again they are idols…

  • Xenia

    What, SNSD eating habits AGAIN? Lol, what a popular topic for media.
    I remember I was watching Sungmin’s radio show that was co-hosted first by Sooyoung and later by Sunny – they ate junk food, like, during each and every episode. I remember how I was looking at Sooyoung (who was not much fatter than now, really) with green envy in my heart, because how could she eat chips, then cookies, then polish it with cola – and still be this thin! And Sunny has some very feminine curves for such a petite body, if you care to look. She doesn’t look unhealthy at all.

  • asianromance

    “They eat seasonal vegetables and 5 pieces of broccoli, 100g of grilled chicken breast, and 150g of brown rice, amongst other foods”—> that sounds so sad! Do they need to even eat so little when they are already getting a workout learning choreography and dancing on stage?

    I bet as they get older, it’ll be harder to maintain their super skinny figures and they’d have to eat even less.

    I wonder if people in South Korea ever complain abt a girl being too ridiculously skinny?

  • Brandon

    its great how they’re diet is actually realistic. i’m sure they eat at least 5 small meals a day (since the meal described was smallish)

  • Susie

    I’m average; not fat but not skinny either, and I usually eat between 1250-1700 calories a day. Their diet isn’t unhealthy if they’re only eating 1500 calories without exercising. However, if they’re exercising as well (and i’m sure they are since they’re idols), then they must eat the standard 2000 calories.

  • addy

    Yeah 1500 is just entirely inappropriate for their lifestyle. Anyone who can’t really understand that all you have to really do is watch the frequency at which a lot of kpop idols randomly pass out from exhaustion. The human body just wasn’t made to be put through some of what they put theirs through and 1500 calories just simply isn’t enough to sustain their idol lifestyle. Personally, I do think a few of them look pretty but they’d look a lot better to me if they actually looked healthy – most of them don’t in my opinion.

  • Emma

    You guys..
    if ur still discussing SNSD as being way to skinny… some people are actually born to be skinny, like yoona and sooyoung! And not every member is as stick-thin as u think.. Hyoyeon and Tiffany are under the category normal-weight, and some ppl consist of tiny bones like Hara from Kara. So please dont say they are way too skinny,
    some people can’t help it. I have a lot of friends that are as skinny as them, and they eat a LOT! I eat incredible much too, but some people just don’t gain it!
    SNSD contain slim and skinny girls, yes, but some of u are saying its a really bad thing.. and thats kinda like insulting a very big amount of people!

    Btw, ive been counting my calories for a day, and i eat a LOT! i just dont eat food very high in calories! It is possible u know, and i feel just fine!

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  • Kelly

    1500 calories is not actually that inappropriate…just saying. They are really lucky, because they get to eat junk food normally. Most Western models and performers have to eat 1200 calories every day and not eat anything for 12 hours before a performance or a show. I mean, on average, l myself eat 1800 calories a day (I estimated it :P)…normally so it’s not THAT far off. :)

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  • http://twitter.com/sweetsoph111 sweetsoph111

    You people should be ashamed if u are saying they are way  too skinny its natural for some people
    I look quite chubby but I only way like 48kg