• jessica

    ohhh this is totally wrong….

    if they’re gonna make a fanclub
    then might as well come out and say that they will never be a part of dbsk ever again. because that’s what they’re trying to say by starting this

    • http://saytwentyone.tumblr.com sean

      they probably won’t be a part of dbsk again.

    • bubbles

      isn’t clear that dbsk is dead?

    • kixbaby

      they will never be dbsk again…did you see the dance move DBSK did in Why? lol it’s OVER.

    • sean

      jeesh this site totally GOT IT WRONG.

      they didn’t say it is a FAN CLUB they said it is a FAN SERVICE.

      just like tohomobile.

      they will never replace cassiopeia. they promised.

  • Daydream

    oh no, i knew this would happen sooner or later, but it still hurts to see it happening…
    it’s cruel to fans who are giving equal support to both groups, hopefully the other fans won’t start any wars in the future.

  • susan

    where are u sleeping when SM open new recruit for cassies who support only 2vxq??? do u even know yunho birthday party was allowed to attend only new cassies???

    and cjes is opening memberships ,not even fanclub unlike SM who declare new cassies registration for new tvxq

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  • forgotmyoldusername

    Actually, this is membership to Cjes website, not a exclusive fanclub. Just wanted to clear things up.

  • reimin

    i am assuming Arashi has the biggest fanclub since their tickets are still not enough to give everyone in their fanclub a chance to watch to their concerts. and they perform for nearly a million audience each year.
    sooner or later, JYJ will need their own fanclub bec SM owns Cassiopeia. i don’t think it’s wrong, it’s just something they needed to continue functioning.

    • AA

      actually dbsk holds the record for the most fans in the world… and that is only in S. Korea. Imagine all the international fans too!!!

      • reimin

        see. now, it’s official. Arashi has 1 million members.

  • Mónica

    Why tear their hair? At last you can belong to both clubs to the hominid and that of JYJ. Being honest DBSK5 left
    to exist a while ago and I see very difficult to get back together again, more by the attitude taken by the two who remained in SM and comments in the first interviews. Always JYJ
    plan was in a nice and good feelings toward them, however disagreed always injured against SM and against anyone else. Sm So if you can open the new club Cassiopeia registration where there are even JYJ, but Jaejoogn, Junsu and Yoochun can not do the same? Well, we’re screwed to think so

  • tvxqfangirl85

    At first when I read this I was like WTF is this shit?…but then I realized that JYJ has separate fans that are not Cassies or Big East who support them. They don’t care about TVXQ5 or whether they ever unite. So they should get their own fanclub and their own name.

    But this isn’t really a fanclub. This is just like what SME tried (and failed)to do with Homin. It’s just a website and they don’t have an official name.

    FYI, Cassies have grown from 800,000 to 1.2 million according to the latest numbers. That doesn’t include us International Cassies or Big East (which has over 300,000).

  • JJ

    Since it is not a fanclub, i don’t see the problem. also, does it hurt to open another membership program? if the fan is a cassie this just mean showing double the support. if cassie do not dig jyj then this also help filter the bad seed.

    jyj deserves love just like homin. if there are people who does not feel comfortable joining cassie for what it represents now, this is like a alternative for them. at the end it is really how the individuals feel.

  • kixbaby

    1.2 members but they can’t fuken sell out 1 million albums quickly.

    • pammiej85

      You obviously don’t know what a huge piracy problem they have in Korea music industry. Why do you think top idols sell about 10,000 copies and it’s considered a hit? The Korean kids have one of the fastest internet connections in the world and they make use of it by illegally downloading music instead of actually buying it (which many can’t because it’s hard to get their parents to give them money for stuff and kids have a difficult time getting jobs).

      Because TVXQ/JYJ have the most fans, they are the only group out right now who can sell half a million. The more fans you get, the more your chances are of selling more records.

      Fanclubs is just a marketing tool used to capture their target market and see what their public interest is. Obviously the group with the biggest fanclub will be able to sell the most records.

      Does that answer your question?

  • Siewlynn

    Fanclub,fanservice-Its just a name,what is important is the loyalty to the aristes you support.You can like TVXQ and also JYJ as the songs and music appeals to you.JYJ has charisma, talents and actings which won my admirations.I will support them ,wich they show courage and brilliance in their work.I will also like first hand news and if posissble their fanmeets and concerts in advance if thats permits if I join their fan-activities.

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  • Shosho Shayma

    what about the E.L.F. 0_0