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    SM is faggggggg!!!!
    Suju is fagggg 222222:(:(:(
    JYJ is the best n RIGHT:)

    • Steven

      suju might be fag but JYJ is F disgrace…. look now Homin and Suju are very success wif SM….

      • Guest

        yeah2. at least the money goes straight into jyj’s pocket. i bet you dont know sm artist work to pay parking fees for their staffs all this time eh? truth hurts

  • tvxqfangirl85

    Isn’t this old news?
    What’s the point of bringing up old stuff just bc SME is losing in courts right now?

    It seems pretty biased Seoul Beats…..I know rhetoric when I see it.

    And make no mistake about it, Heechul and the other SME idols aren’t doing this for their company. They are doing this for themselves.

    If you read the tweets they sent to Junsu, you will see that they are taking this personal. They don’t like being called slaves.

    • Dora

      Yes, this is a rather old topic, but unfortunately this news is recent, that’s why it’s here.

      • Xenia

        I don’t mind to see it here, late or not, but news are old, this exact GQ interview was all over the internet weeks ago)

    • Steven

      Homin n Suju are really success under SM… JYJ are just fuckin disgrace…

      • Giest

        yeah. keep stayin at that fuckin sm. just eat all those shit they throw and never question any of it. after all loyalty is the key. -.-

  • ddef

    Hope he believes that when he starts looking old and get dropped faster than he can blink then he can be some ex-idol that struggles to survive off over the meager earning he saved up. SM and most K entertainment look like puppy mills in comparisons to those in Japan and America. I think he is naive and has come to accept that without SM no one would a give shit about him.

    • nunuk354

      I agree with you completely…..they might be able to buy houses and cars, but the things is they should get way better than that. sometimes when I read on magazines or websites about Korean entertainer who couldn’t do this or couldn’t do that because all the company or management issue…..I feel sorry for them….they deserve more.

  • hapacalgirl

    To be honest while I do think the contracts aren’t slave contracts I do think they are quite unfair and should be changed. In regards to Heechul’s statements, people should realize that just like in any other company SM has his favorites and they do get treated differently than others and have different contracts, SM has a history of treating his favorites differently than others. So I take this as his honest opinion about his own situation and irrelevant to DBSK.

    • Daydream

      I agree with you completely.

  • Valeragi

    Did the “loyalty is very important for men” comment irk anyone else?

    • mica

      count me in

      • Merewen

        Me too.

  • MeIguess

    This situation always gets me riled. I mean, if I see one more artist comment about how they love their SM contract and blah blah, I will seriously scream. I mean, ok we get it, you like your company. Good for you guys! Renew your contract till kingdom comes. No one cares. Your not having a problem with your company so thats cool, now shush. JYJ are grown men and they know what is good for them. So despite others criticism about them not being “loyal” or “unappreciative” which I think is bogus as hell, they still should do what they want. It’s their livelihood. ugh, I have never had a topic that upset me more than this shit.

  • Giggy

    This topic makes me sad. I really love all the K-Pop artists working SME, but I don’t want their lives to be ruined. They might not have any problems with SME at the moment, but what about later? I’m glad other artists like JYJ and DBSK changed companies, since they weren’t happy with SME. If the company has mistreated them, SME does’t deserve the artist’s loyalty to stay with them. Now, I just hope SuJu, SHINee and the others won’t have their lives ruined by staying with SME. And If the’re happy with the company, then so be it.

  • Dahliah Mohamad

    Knowing about how HORRIBLE SM treats their artists, i wonder how is it like for EXO? Man… It seems we gotta pity a LOOOT of idol bands, because their life is also not that good, right?