• MG

    Couldn’t Jino be a soloist? Amazing voice

  • hapacalgirl

    I am over the way too big groups to be honest. I swear that this is how SME makes use of trainees that have one of the talents to succeed whether it be vocally or personality wise but lacks the whole package. I wish SME can make more groups like CSJH or SM the Ballad.

  • jen

    i hope its not a big group
    that’s what super junior is for
    and please, everyone thought that shinee would be the next dbsk….

    though i do hope jino would be in it, i mean, isn’t that why he was in sm the ballad??

    either way, i think they can be anticipated

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  • http://atrapforfools.tumblr.com Elle

    I’m always eager for some more cute boys to fangirl over, but I too am over big groups. I’d rather have a smaller unit that is all about music than have a group SM tries to whore out on variety shows and dramas.

  • kpopboi

    I am so f*cking over the evolution of idol group sizes.
    WTH happened to the gold ol’ round number of 5?

  • tan

    How about a 3 member group for a change?

  • mischa

    SME has too much trainees. If it’s true that the way the industry works, where successful trainees who get to debut pay for the expenses of the ‘failed’ trainees, then it’s no wonder SME just churns them out in large numbers. There has to be someone else footing the bills for the large numbers of trainees they take in and only about half (maybe less) get to debut and be successful.

    The large number is really suspicious, too. It makes it seem like trainees are being put together with so many people so their lack of vocals/dance skills/charisma won’t be that noticeable.

    YG barely opens auditions for the company. JYP has many trainees but he focuses on the ones who have debuted already instead of over-investing in so many trainees at once.

  • boom

    i just lol’d at the speculation about them being the male snsd. lol’d harder about that ‘next generation’ of tvxq too, because i swear some ppl already used that to describe SHINee before. this is all getting redundant really.

    on the other hand, i’d rather see f(x) make some serious success first, or maybe see the grace come back again.

    • JW

      Totally totally agree.
      They got DBSK, Super junior, snsd, shinee, and oh, reminds me FX to worry bout
      Why not just focus on them first instead of keep recuriting ppl that they don’t necessary needs? It’s just too much. And not to mention more names to memorize….I can’t even remember all snsd members even till now!

  • BLR

    1. Why are they bringing in a new group?? They have like a billion groups to work with

    2. 9 members?? Really?

  • pammiej85

    Hmm….I thought Shinee was the “next DBSK”

    It’s not as easy replacing the Rising Gods of the East as SME thought. That’s because it’s not the name that makes the group, it’s the people in it…

    And they might want to spend a little more time training them and less time getting them plastic surgery…..

    • c

      “And they might want to spend a little more time training them and less time getting them plastic surgery…”

      I couldn’t pass this up. That was awesome. Sad but true. And they really don’t even need it. Just sick.

      But I think they need to spend less time having open auditions and more time focusing on the groups they already have *cough*The Grace*cough*

      How many trainees does one music company need? Oh wait they’re a factory with little regard for human life. That’s right! – said half sarcastic

    • jitsuryoko

      Just because people SAID that SME created Shinee to be the next DBSK doesn’t meant it’s true. People say a lot of things. DBSK and SHINee are completely different.

  • Guarana Soledad

    One thing we can all be sure of is that they will all be pleasing to the eyes but to the ears? maybe not everyone. just like in snsd there’ll only be about 2-3 trel singers.

  • kc

    this doesn’t feel like a new DBSK but a new Suju… since well, Suju’s going to be ending soon might as well throw out another large numbered group to take their place (I sound negative, sorry-.-)
    but SM has always done things like this, one group lives through it’s prime so SM replaces them when it feels it’s glory days are through (or that group leaves, one or the other), I mean HOT->Shinhwa->DBSK->Shinee the only real group that doesn’t seem like a replacement is Suju… so I guess they’ll have two “replacement” chains then…
    but yeah, it’s not a surprise that they’re putting out a new group, SM’s just being SM.

    • dcHaiL

      “since well, Suju’s
      going to be ending soon might as
      well throw out another large
      numbered group to take their place”
      oh my….i couldn’t help but to read this again n again…it’s so sad and true,i think…maybe this new boyband will be the next generation of suju,but they’ll NOT take place of suju’s already have now..

  • V

    this is painful, i’m happy that other companies are not obsessed with large numbers. sm is doing this cause i guess big groups have proven to be successful for them. i personally hate big groups because no one shines equally, and i dont get to see my faves. its just too overrated.

  • LOL

    years ago, i’d be excited by this kind of news.
    now i think i’d just stay out from kpop lol
    i’m SICK of big groups :/ this one seems like they’re replacement of suju rather than dbsk imo

  • Alvina

    Haha, it’s gotten to the point where I dont even remember their names anymore. I just watch my shows, listen to the music, and move on… like all the groups seem to be doing.

    I think Moon Hee Jun said it best when he stated that if an idol group makes it to the five year peak, they’re usually done after that LOL.

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