All right, let’s get past that horrible pun of a title. Everyone knows Britney Spears has a new song  thus a new music video on the airwaves, replete with double-entendres, breathy singing, and windmill-arm choreography. Celebrity gossip site posted a cute segment where they surveyed random folks about Britney’s new single, but as usual, the real interesting stuff is down in the comments. Commentator Reikage-Sanshi thinks Britney is a big old copy-cat, especially where Asian artists are concerned:

.. she’s turning to more of what J-pop (Japanese Pop Music) do for their music videos and one artist who is also a K-pop (Korean as in South Korean Pop Music) that signs in Japanese and English (BoA).

There are elements similar to these two artists BoA (famous K-pop artist and J-pop singer) and Ayumi Hamasaki (famous J-pop artist).

BoA’s Korean Music Video’s “Game” and “Hurricane Venus” have elements in there..
Ayumi Hamasaki’s Japanese Music Video’s “Kanariya” and “Sparkle” have elements in there..

Also Britney meet BoA when she went to South Korea…

So there’s no originality and she’s trying too hard to get her fame back. Stick to what you were in the past, leave the freaky stuff to Lady Gaga and the Asian Music Artist who work freaky in a much more tasteful way.

So Britney is copying BoA who is copying Lady Gaga who is copying Madonna who is stealing from every pop star ever. Basically no originality anywhere – that sounds about right.

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