• hans

    love the glenn coco reference(;

  • mango

    well, koreans are pretty gay though

    • http://www.twitter.com/MacAttacks Mac

      LOOOOOL, that’s just terrible x’DD

    • eli

      they’re also very sensitive. never make a stab at their nation, else they’ll stab you in the back. Literally, like my Korean exchange classmate my stabbed my Japanese teacher in the back because he made a joke that wasn’t even as bad as calling Koreans gay.

      • SERIOUSLY????!!!

        WHAT o.O
        that is messed up
        i want to know what he said

        • eli

          He told him in jest to stop falling asleep in class (which he did a lot of) otherwise North Korea will catch him off guard.

          • Infinite

            LMFAOoo. I’m sorry, but that’s a good one. Niice, sensei (lol).

    • redbully

      Says the mango.

  • RoxyIsFerox

    Hey! I’ve been waitin’ fo’ Jay to have a Korean music appearances… so JYPE SHOULD SHUT HIS FOUL MOUTH UP!

  • MeIguess

    Oh, so he was being ahh..that word i cant remember. But I thought he wasnt out in korea yet because he was just working up on stuff. didnt know it was because he was in a similar situation like JYJ. well musical appearance wise. W.e idk. And I thought he was still cool with taec and the nick guy? but w.e’s I dont know what he did, but they are lucky he apologised. because that one myspace comment was blown way out of proportions. I mean, i remember that year, and everyone use to say things like that as a joke. but i guess….ppl took it to heart. from a lonely boy who missed what was normal. and even though you should think b4 u say, he was young. and its not as if he meant it. anyways nice going jay.

  • Alvina

    Oh Jay Park; he made all the ladies and gents go gaga when he came to my college to perform. People waited in the rain for tickets for hours only to walk away on game day with thoughts of “damn, he’s short” LOL.

    I think of a lot of converted Hottests/Jay-Walkerz cant let this rest though because of the hate spewed by both sides :D

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