Here are my brief thoughts about this MV from 5dolls:

  1. Jay Park is too cute in his varsity jackets and school uniform.
  2. Can I say high school dating dramz? Yeesh. Love triangles+hormones= not pretty. (Been there. Done that.)
  3. I had completely forgotten that Jay is such a sick dancer. I could watch him pop and lock and isolate all night long.
  4. I don’t like that the girl changed her dance style to get his attention. Especially because I think he was already interested in her before she started dancing to hip hop. (But, I do appreciate that she was a great dancer- both in the modern/ballet/jazz and in the hip hop genres from what was featured in the video.)

Overall, the song was just “meh” in my opinion. There wasn’t anything too interesting about the lyrics or the melody. In fact, as I was watching the MV the music kind of just faded into the background…and I can’t even blame it all on casting Jay- as pretty as he is to look at, I actually found the love story plot to be pretty compelling, and was anticipating the girl’s redemption dance and getting her man until the very ending when… WHAM! The ever-so-dramatic cliffhanger. What’s a boy to do, btw?!

Although I don’t care too much for the song, the dramatic storyline and brusque ending of the MV have me interested to see where the continuation will pick up…until then, I guess! It’s too bad that “Lip Stains” isn’t a better song, because I really enjoyed CO-ED’s last two hits. Maybe this all-girls subgroup wasn’t the best idea for these 5 i-dolls. Or maybe they have more in store for us. For their sake, I really hope so.