Seen attending the Galliano Launch Party, G-Dragon and T.O.P. went as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy’s offspring. And in some crazy wizarding accident G-Draco got zapped by a spell from T.O.Potter, apparently.

Only these two would (and could!) step onto a red carpet looking like that and somehow somewhat pulling it off. I can just hear GD’s hair screaming, “What the Bak?!” as it was permed to death…

Usually I could give a hoot about what these two wear because I love them nonetheless…but are fitted, classic suits so much for a fangirl to ask for? And the HAIR. WHY?! Although T.O.P.’s coif is growing on me (I much prefer it down flat and parted, rather than teased to the sky), the color absolutely washes his gorgeous face out. Not. Good. Do not like. I get the “High High” but why, why did it have to be the hair. And GD’s carrot-top-type ‘do has GOT to go soon. I’m hoping he’ll just buzz that whole hot mess right off…we haven’t seen him with a close crop, have we?!

But, how cute GD’s look is when turned into cartoon fanart though?! Awww.

Also, T.O.P.’s socks FTW.