• Jessica

    Do Korean kids go to school all year long or something, why would 147 days be just over half a school year?

    Where I stay, public schools only teach for 180 days, so 147 would be like a lil over 80%

    I’m glad they are finally cracking down on how companies use underaged entertainers. I don’t have a problem with young people pursuing their dreams, but long work hours, missing school, revealing outfits, and sexual dances are not ok.

    I just wonder how this is going to affect some of the groups that have already debuted.

  • shelly

    I’m glad they’re doing something. But let’s be honest, this Ministry against companies like SM and YG and JYP? The biggest companies in all of South Korea? They’re not going to pull out the young ones from the groups that have already debuted. It’s just not going to happen.

  • Arnold

    Less of these girls, means more very unhappy Korean powerful ajhussis and less big brand CEOs to waitress for, that means less money. The korean entertainment companies will lobby to quash this law before it’s even written.

    moral nihilism = money, morality = less money.

    • asianromance

      While I’m glad that guidelines are being made, I’m also suspicious at how successful these guidelines will be. I agree that the entertainment companies will lobby against it.

      But I’ll be watching. The ones who protest the loudest- you know are bad news.

  • lindsey

    I always think it weird when government gets involved with these ENTERTAINMENT companies..maybe it’s because I’m in America. Don’t they have homeschool in Korea? You can easily take classes online, I took two classes online and it only took up 2-3 hours of my day. It’s actually a lot harder then regular LAUSD classes..its kinda sad. but anyway, doesn’t this whole mess file under some Korean child labor laws?

    • Arnold

      When government gets involved in entertainment companies?? You mean like with GI Joe, Armageddon, Transformers 1 & 2 ad nauseum… it’s massively common.

    • maldita

      I don’t think homeschooling is big there. The idols who dropped out of high school (like Daesung and Seungri) apparently studied on their own to get a GD and apply for college.

      I think most idols try to go to school as much as they can. At least, SHINee’s Taemin does. Apparently, he only attends the morning classes, though, but that’s better other (high schooler) idols who hardly get to go.

  • http://woaicpop.blogspot.com Haiyen

    I still don’t get how this kids get into a contract with those entertainment company. I mean since they’re still minors, they can’t legally enter a contract right? So there must be someone who get custody of them (like their parents?) to sign for those papers. And seriously, 10 years???

    • Arnold

      Well parental responsibility in Korea involves telling your kids they’re ugly until they eventually saved enough pocket money to get plastic surgery or learned enough piano for their parents to pay for it.

      So the fact they’re subsequently ‘handed over’ to money making entertainment machines under the hope that they’re accepted as being ‘beautiful’ by the masses is just the logical next step.

      Then they’re made to do ‘naughty waitressing’ in order to get big brand sponsorship and the cycle of torment begins. Just like Jang Ja-Yeon.

      But apparently korean parenting is far better than western parenting and koreans like their parents more.

    • maldita

      I dunno about other companies, but SME idols’ parents were involved in signing their contract. I remember reading a while back that Tiffany actually had to fly back to the States to get her dad to sign her contract before SNSD debuted. There are quite a few rich kids who debuted in SM, too, like Siwon. I doubt his CEO dad would let his only son sign a contract without a team of lawyers to check it first. All of the DBSK boys’ parents were advised about their contracts every time revisions were made. Yunho’s parents are lawyers, and they let him sign.

      Ten years may be long, but for tried and tested star-making companies like SME, that could mean 10 years of steady work in the entertainment industry. I don’t blame any of them for signing.

      • Geoff (service patch v.2.1)

        Bad parenting is bad.