• the_frames

    The hair is unfortunate. ㅠㅠ

  • http://mellowyel.blogspot.com mellowyel

    ooh this looks like fun, but i think i’ll stick to the manga – live action versions of things often disappoint. the dude is hot though. And Goo Hye Sun needs to avoid that bowl cut like the plague. side bangs only, pls

    • Disco

      agreed! no bowl cut pls thank you very much

  • fiona

    the dorama version was really different from the manga. I doubt they’ll copy the live action one, more likely make a new story using the manga as the foundation, which in any case, won’t have a “boss” character, but will have a 2nd male lead like always.

  • Canadia

    I hope they’ll change the premise like the Japanese drama did. Although it will be interesting to see if they don’t change much…

  • Daydream

    now that i think about it, i think Wu Zhun is quite suitable for the role, with his robotic expressions and all. Did Goo HyeSung managed learn mandarin? or are they just going to dubbed her voice? just curious. might tune in for the first ep.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victoria-Legacion/100002931046873 Victoria Legacion

      im  interresting to you

  • kc

    Taiwanese dramas usually fallow the mangas they’re based off of pretty well… they’re just sooo~ long and put in a bit to much of the manga in… though I’ve only seen a few Taiwan dramas.

  • LeLe

    “absolute boyfriend” was the first Jdrama I watched, let me tell you it is possibly one of the best Jdrama/liveaction(though didn’t accurately follow) out there and the first drama that I bawled my eyes out in the 1rst 5 minutes on the last episode. Maybe Taiwanese version will follow the manga more but I’m not into Taiwanese dramas due to all the dragging and cheesy/over exaggerated acting that makes me cringe and somehow ppl can still watch it….But I know Goo Hye Sun is a great actress and the guy from a popular Taiwanese boy group will attract viewers. We’ll see..so far 1/5 chances I’ll watch it.

    • Grace

      Gu Hye Sun a great actress ? And I am Michelle Obama…

  • valvic

    hana kimi is the only manga i knew they followes kind of accurately but hopefully this drama will be good. based on how she looks it will follow the japanese version. i think the other girl was a teen in the manga.

  • asianromance

    i really dislike Wu Zun’s acting, but I can see him sliding by through this drama playing a robotic character and he has the body to be your mail-order dream man. I wonder who will play the second league. I didn’t like the main guy that much in the manga and the jdrama live action (only watched like a few eps though), but the second lead won me over.

    GHS has slightly longer hair in the poster…maybe the bowl hair is just a wig…?? I really like her with hair around 3-6 inches below her shoulders and side bangs. That sort of style soften her features. still upset that BOF gave her short hair.

  • Jenny

    No, basically Wu Zhun can’t act. Even though he is potraying a robot, Night had many very human like moments.
    The jdorama was okay (Hayami Mocomichi was hot) but I don’t think this will be as good.

    • Eve

      why should intimidate people like that? I’m sure Wu Zun will make every effort not to disappoint his fans. If you do not like, do not watch … rather than a useless comment better sleep aja. Instead you’ll be a woman of hostilities.

    • Eve

      for live action dorama version of his own very disappointing. Many stories that deviated from manga. I really hope for version of Taiwan could be more similar to manga.

  • DiAndra

    Goo Hye Sun has to speak in Chinese? How come no one has addressed this yet?

    • Jenny

      Maybe they will use voice over, it’s not the first time that has been done ?
      Or then she will learn her lines in chineese.

  • sogba

    I loved zettai kerashi!!
    hope this one is good!

  • nepurr

    is it just me or did he steal that outfit from jokwon? well not that he stole it but doesnt it look like something he’s worn?? or maybe my mind is stuck on kwonnie??

  • Rin

    I hope that’s not the hair she’ll have in the drama…
    & hmmm, I’ve read the manga and watched the Japanese version so I’m a bit iffy on this… Of course the two leads are very appealing to me right now but Wu Chun… he’s the least fav members out of Fahrenheit for me lol. & the dramas I’ve seen him in didn’t help :P

    What I’m interested in is who will be playing Soshi? Hmmm, I’ve always liked Soshi and gosh, the glasses appeal? To die for. Who can pull that off? xD

  • Som

    I wonder whos playing Soshi…… but is this a Taiwan drama then? or Korean? if its Taiwan then would it still have a korean one? Well i hope they have a fit Soshi like in The Manga haha. + Goo Hye Sun’s hair :/ is she going to wear a wig? could’ve at least followed the Manga with long hair but then again WIG :L jk jk I loved the Manga + Japanese Version to Absolute Boyfriend made me cry for weeks. Hopes this one will make me cry too! Hope it follows the Manga *^_^*

  • Karen

    so can Goo Hye Sun speak mandarin or what?

  • deasha

    im so happy when i find out wu zhun will be night tenjo..but my mood was ruined because i dun like the heroin..i dun ever watch boys over flower bcause of her…;((

  • Genesis :)

    Omg! First I read the manga Absolute Boyfriend ( LOVED IT ) then found out it had a Japanese DRAMA! I bought both manga and cds. Then I started watching Boys Over Flowers (KOREAN DRAMA ) later on, (LOVED IT) then found out that the girl (Geum Jandi) from BOF WAS GOING TO BE IN THE TAIWANESE RIIKO ! I freaked out and I just can’t wait to watch it ! I definetely recommend Absolute Boyfriend manga+Japanese drama & Boys over flowers KOREAN VERSION ! :)

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