i agree Yoo Ah-in is outshining micky in the drama.

    His character has depth and strong spirit.

  • Nadiyah

    i’m all for the second male leads!!! especially the ones mentioned above!!! :D hahahah

  • nickdobi

    I’m the same way! S Scandal is the only drama currenly that i anxiously await and watch without subs!!! i’m watching gumiho and kiss but i’ll wait until the subs are done before i watch them

    LOVE second male leads!!! especially yooahin and moonjaeshin!!!

    <3 scandal <3

  • mara

    “I have seen comments that complain about Micky and Park Min-young as leads and their inexperience in acting, but so far I have no complaints. I think each actor has been performing admirably and SungKyunKwan Scandal is a much better drama than I thought it would be.”
    I agree with you a hundred and one percent on this.. I think all four actors are doing well in portraying their characters..

  • ems

    OMG! I’m glad you wrote this article… I’m really loving SK Scandal because of Song Joongki & Yoo Ah-in!! I’m giggling to see Song Joongki with his curious playboy image he portrays there!! They’re all so handsome!!!

  • Annster

    I love all the hotties mentioned above! In my eyes, I feel like they are better than the first male leads sometimes… I hope they all can rise like Kim Hyun Joong and Yong Junghwa did and get their own shows and what not.

  • well…

    SKKS is so good O___O it has perfect cast, song joong ki and yoo ah in and their bromance, yoochun’s got better and better in each episode, and i just LOVE park min young ^^

  • Fruitz

    I like Micky Yoochun but to be honest I could care less about him and Park Min-Young.
    Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki steal the entire show for me. Their acting is always on point and they’re both very charismatic. To me, SKKS is one of those shows in which you end up paying more attention to the side actors rather than the main leads.

  • madzgo

    I cannot agree with you more about the uprising because they casted more charismatic actors in the second lead role like Lee Tae Sung and Yoo Ah In.. They literally stole the show for themselves whenever thay appear onscreen.
    Yoo Ah In oozes with very strong sex appeal also and has good chemistry with Park Min Young.

  • Obsidian

    You forgot one :P Lee Jae Wook in Bad Guy. Now he totally stole the show for me. Kim Nam Gil was great but Jae Wook’s combination of insanely good looks, charisma, vulnerability and bad boy charm made me melt. I kept on going with the drama because of him. I really hope he lands another drama role that will give him more exposure :)

    I haven’t watched Gumiho yet but I loved Noh MinWoo in Pasta so I should probably get start on MGIAG.

    • Obsidian

      Ooops, i meant Kim JaeWook :)

  • gigglegagaing

    omigosh. it’s time for second lead male actors to rise up above the lead actors. HAHAHAAHAHA. i’ve been “bashing” no min woo’s twitter like crazy. everytime he posted something, you bet he’ll get a reply from me. hauhauhauha. anyway, im soooo in love with no min woo right now, that seung gi doesnt attracts me anymore (i used to be a huge fan of lee seung gi in shinoing inheritance, since i fell in love with his loooooonnnggg legs and clean cut image). but hell no, i’ve found better! no min woo is waaaaaaayyy taller, longer lengs, cleaner cut, and who doesnt love that hair cut? to be honest with you, seung gi’s haircut is kinda weird..long curly hair on a boy definitely is not attractive. HAHAHAHAHA.

    no min woo jjang! <3<3

  • smiles

    I never got the second lead thing – why everyone went crazy for Kim Hyun-joong in BOF or Jung Yong-hwa in YB when they never step up to the plate – they just made me roll my eyes in frustation and look forward to when the actual leads got on with it.

    However, that all changed when i watched Kim Jae-Wook in Bad Guy. As hot as Kim Nam-Gil was a the lead (well until it all started to unrevel near the end) it was jae-Wook character that did it for me – he was beautiful, broken and powerful as the second lead and i fell for him hook line and sinker.

  • Jen

    I agree!! I really wish they will all start in a drama as the lead actor and actually GET the girl. It’s so sad to see them as the super nice guys who never gets the girl.

    • snowdrop87

      yeah…i hope next time they get the chance to be d lead actor in their next drama.i feel sad too their character for not being together with lead actress

  • truc

    I love Yoo Ah In more than anyone in Sungkyunkwan Scandal!! He is so hot in that role and appearance <3

  • Ralph

    You could just attack them with SNSD whose talent would deflect any missiles, and the N-korean soldiers would be bedazzled by their dance moves.

    And all the k-pop fans know Rain can defeat anyone with his taekwondo skills… then robot taekwonV will come in and get a few of them.

    Then the american GIs can save the day like in the hollywood, marry most of the korean women and nuke everything…. except for the environment which they will save from aliens.

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    We surely need to take care of matters at home first before we can really help anyone abroad.Even though we try…all we are doing is hurting our own citizens.

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