• Tae-Hyun

    Im more concerned with that image, whose arm width is 1cm?

    • SayIt

      Hehe, your right whats up with all those measurements.

    • Jessica

      When they say 1cm, I think they mean the picture is literally 1cm. If you wanted to know their actual sizes, you would probably need to know the ratio to figure out what the picture what scaled down by.

    • ohemgee

      i think the picture above is showing how YoonA and HJ got those uniforms altered/tailored…so the 1cm etc is how much they got taken in/up/out.

  • GoGoSunie


  • mischa

    They’re all outside the JYP building leaving post-it notes for Jaebum and 2PM.

    • evelyn


  • Daydream

    lol, what sorta measurements are these?

    16,255? out of how many students?

    • Dood

      Who cares out of how many. 16k is still WAY TOO MUCH.

  • greygoose

    2 lines and a useless (and just plain bad) picture. seriously?

    • Yo

      Seoulbeats’ “articles” have been really lackluster recently. Which is a shame because they’ve always been a favourite of mine.

      • Kpopboi


  • Jenny

    It seems several korean entertainers drop out of school or get their high school diploma as adults.
    Don’t they get encouraged to stay in school ?
    I mean if you won’t be popular in 5 years what will you do then.
    This is a interesting detail compared to jidols,
    usually japanese idols even go to college

    • Lila

      Correct me if I’m wrong (I only know a bit of JE) but isn’t the going-to-college trend relatively new? As I understood it, earlier groups like SMAP aren’t well educated but around the Arashi-era more started going to school properly. Even though the shelf-life of a JE group is longer than the average Kpop one, the JE boys usually try and go to school.

      • Jenny

        I think with JE-boys college in quite new(yeah I think all the Arashi boys have uni degrees). I don’t know if they have private tutors available to the boys.
        But a lot of older entertainers do have a college degree or a degree from a vocational school.

  • Karii

    Lol ^^^ Forget 5 years, with all these idols popping out every other week, some won’t even last a year.

  • lind

    can we get a little more info…?

    • Blasphemy!

      Yeah, I know! More info would be nice~

      Can’t they at least provided a link to the original article (even if the original is in Korean)?

      • tyetye

        it says Source: Korea Times, so wouldnt that mean you’d go to Korea Times to see the article?

  • baby rummble

    mischa you made me chuckle. these measurements are mad random. dude honestly if i was a kpop star id probably drop out too. my strategy would be this. make mad dough. save mad dough. play with mad dough when im mad old. realistic right?—-i can dream

    • Dani

      thing is most kpop idols don’t make mad dough. albums barely sell in Korea. That is why when someone sells over 100,000 it is a big deal over there. Only the really popular idols make some money, but then they have to split that with all the members as well as the money that goes to managers, stylists, etc

  • sunny

    WTF is wrong with Yoonas arm? Must have photoshopped her waist, her proportions look weird!