• asian girl in US

    that “zoolander impression” …lol!!!

  • nowhatnow

    lol zoolander.

  • ta

    lol but he looks good though

  • Obsidian

    He’s look sexy and those lips….*________* he must be great to kiss. Park Han Byul is one lucky biatch man…Like seriously, i am jealous lol

  • Tatiana

    The correct term is “blue steel” LOL

  • Jazie

    It’s more like se7en’s own phtoshoot rather than shoot for a fashion magazine
    but ugh he look tight :)
    love the photos <3

  • reimin


  • jen jen

    wow so handsome, and the girl is beautiful. he’s got a babyface :)

  • Fiona

    He’s hot. Nuff said.

  • Carinne

    Are you for certain Se7en doesn’t look more like Mugatu than Zoolander? The hair says it all. LOL!