• Jeez

    So many random groups…
    Just overloaded with too much

    sigh…music bank, seriously

  • Tae-Hyun

    My favourite this weeks would have to be Sistar’s performance, it would have been Secret but their outfits and jewelry were making jingly noises which annoy me.

    The other performances worth mentioning for me are Dalmation who just made me laugh at their concept and G.Na who i really like but are not sure i like her choice of song or her new look, however her performance was amazing as per usual. imo

    • asianromance

      I’m warming up to Sistar too. I’m enjoying Dalmation’s song too. I think after a summer of lackluster songs, things are looking up a bit.

  • asianromance

    Forgot to add: I’m loving the lyrics in the Dalmation song. Definitely has a feel good feeling! This will be the it-song to play when you have an idol singing competition or for trainees to sing!

  • Insomnia

    LMAO. Dalmation’s name and “Bow Wow” is really stupid, but despite the bit of embarassment and laughter they produced in me,I like them. Lol, the intro was so misleading because of the upbeat and bubbly feel to the song, but I did enjoy the wrapping. They’re cute in their spots and the guy in the beginning’s English is really good (American/fluent?), so I’ll definitely look outfor them. -^_^-

    • Insomnia

      *rapping, lol.