• tan

    Even if Tablo didn’t graduate from Standard, does his fabrication really requires police investigation?

    • asian girl in US

      I know right, am pretty, pretty sure the police department has a lot of other “important” stuff to attend to…unless S.Korea has zero crime and accident rate.

      and Stanford for that matter…i mean, unless Tablo’s family is superbly affluent and has been donating to Stanford (yes, and am not talking about mere one million US dollars or so), and greatly influential around the Stanford community…

  • Amanda

    I can’t read articles about it anymore. I fail to see how his education affects anyone other than himself.

    • manoman

      dont you know? if it turns out that tablo is lying then the whole country of S korea will literally sink into the ocean. no more country, no more kpop, no more k-netizen justice for their society.

      yeah, tablos educational background has that sort of affect

      • Haiyen

        But you’re raising a moot point here. There’s no if!!! I mean he DID attend Stanford. I mean for god’s sake the professor over there wrote a letter and signed his name to confirm that!!!!

        Seriously, why can’t they see that Stanford would just never ever let a celebrity like Tablo run around claiming he’s a Stanford alum if wasn’t the truth. And btw, he appeared on a 30-minute interview on CNN, you don’t think CNN would not do a background check on him before talking about his Stanford degree, no????

        It’s all because of jealousy and schadenfreude, my friend!!!!

        • manoman

          huh? i hope you werent take me serious lol. i was just making outrageous claims like the k-netizens.

          • Amanda

            I got your point love and I loled.

  • http://yahoo.com nemo

    can these netizens even speak/understand englsih? maybe they can’t, and its because of that, they pursue on Tablo. netizens are netizens because they have really nothing to do in their life. i hope realizes he needs not to be affected by those low life creatures!

  • ohemgee

    OMG patricia, i LOVE your gifs!!!! LOL.

  • Rivermonster

    Holy eff will someone throw these psycho netizens into an insane asylum? Why in the world does there need to be LEGAL matter involved on a simple schooling issue. Did he steal or kill someone? HELL NO! Again, someone needs to take these guys down!

    • smiles

      LMAO!!! Insane asylum indeed.

  • ren

    Netizens, all the 12 year old bois and gurls that make it up, NEED TO GET A LIFE. Who really has the time to fight over such trivial things? Eating a muffin would much more productive.
    Perhaps they should pursue issues that actually matter, like taking court child rape etc.

    • purpleroses

      i’m pretty sure i read somewhere that Noh is 35 and Kim is 36 years old. lol.

    • Amanda

      Except they’d have to be 18 to sue Tablo right? Which is even scarier since I refuse to believe adults could be so braindead.

  • asianromance

    I love how you included that pic of that brother from the bed intruder video! A professor and a high ranking school administrator at Stanford confirmed it. Why would Stanford lie about Tablo’s education? Tablo is just a rapper from Korea. Why would they lie to protect him?? Answer is that they wouldn’t. They’re not doing to let someone claim to be a Stanford grad when they aren’t. These netizens are so dumb! They’re all focusing on Tablo’s education when other celebrities are doing dumb crap like getting caught with drugs, committing DUIs and assaults, etc. For real!

  • Daydream

    some ppl have too much time on their hands… they didn’t actually instigated a court actions did they? that’s just sad…

  • Karii

    Lol. Stanford already thinks little of these people from S.Korea, and this is going to make it even worst. They obviously don’t know how prestigious Standford is because if they did, there’s no way in hell that they’d think Stanford made up fake documents just to cover a celebrity from S.Korea, especially seeing as how they’d be breaking the law and can be out in jail. Why would they risk their entire school’s rep for a small no body(in America’s eye) like Tablo? Maybe THESE people are the ones that the police needs to investigate to make sure that their not a danger to society, seeing as how their all psycho’s.

  • Karii

    can be put in jail**

  • seeny

    I propose a new phrase be inserted into our vocabulary:

    /when tablo’s degree is accepted/: phrase. pertaining to a time that will never come; often used when implying something is outlandish and/or impossible (see: when pigs fly).
    -“Oh man I know I’ve gotten all D’s my whole life, but this semester I’m going to work hard and get straight A’s”
    -“Sure, you’ll get straight A’s, when Tablo’s degree is accepted.”

    • lyq


    • GoGoSunie

      freaking awesome! \(o^-^o)/

  • lay

    wow …. such an admirable dedication in bringing down and destroying another’s life. aren’t they ashamed of themselves?

    • smiles

      I know, right?

  • May

    If this news become bigger and bigger, oh yeah, S.Korea will b promoted People will think the country is full of idiots n no one will take it seriously!

  • GoGoSunie

    thank you seoulbeats. I had no idea what the Bed Intruder song was. So now I have new favorite song and a favorite cover of that song. Vektor is awesome!

  • ohman

    these netizens are so friggin’ annoying! i hope they get scorned by the international community so that the korean community will also treat them as stupid disgraceful pricks. i hope the day they’re found guilty of defamation, they get their faces on national tv. i also hope they lose a ton of money. better yet, i hope they get jailed. even tablo’s wiki discussion page is being vandalized by a thick headed prick who says the articles published on official stanford publications are written by FANS. wth, he even has the decency to say he has legit sources though he doesn’t present them. his bias against tablo is so obvious as he calls him the canadian and refuses to mention tablo’s name. loser.

  • tyetye

    And then people wonder why K-celebs are always depressed/kill themselves. Tablo’s education has nothing to do with them so why in the hell should it concern them

  • kliks

    I wonder, is it possible for Stanford to sue these (brainless) netizens for libel?… As I see it, those netizens are implying that Stanford is lying and that’s defamation, isn’t it?

    • http://namemelydia.wordpress.com namemelydia

      I wondered the same thing.

      But even if they could, I doubt that they would. (woah I rhymed HAHA)
      Stanford University registar Tom Black doesn’t think much of them.
      “My document has a legal bearing here in the United States,” Black was quoted as saying. “I could go to jail if I were to falsify the document. The ignorant mob, I’ll call them, is just spewing poison for no reason .”

      LOL Basically, I don’t think Stanford would waste their time suing those antis because
      1. waste of money
      2. antis probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.

      I mean antis won’t believe letters from the professors, a visit to the campus, his transcript, the school paper running Tablo’s story etc.

      I guess it’s hard to be an idol with brains…

      As for the case, If I was the judge, wait I think it might be prosecutor ( they’re the ones who decide which cases go to court and which ones are thrown out right?) I would throw the case out.

  • Dylan

    I can’t even….so stupid…

    I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear how Stanford administrators react to this insanity:

    “So…even though we – one of the most prestigious universities in the world – went out of our way to verify his graduation/degree…crazy people on the internet won’t believe us? And people are listening to them? And the police are involved? And this is a national controversy that professional, accredited Korean news outlets are taking seriously? And we supposedly put our pristine, invaluable reputation on the line by falsifying documents for a ‘Kpop artist’? WE DON’T EVEN KNOW WTF KPOP IS!”

    Conspiracy theorists are the most annoying people ever.

  • OMG

    Really? Seriously? Like, C’mon, are that really that bored with their lives? My gosh, this makes me unbelievably angry to the point where I just want to reach through this computer screen and hurt someone. Gosh. What did the guy do to deserve this? Did he commit such a heinous crime as not using words correctly in his lyrics, so they instantly think he’s not a college graduate? My gosh, if that was me man… uggghhhh!! I cant believe the police are actually investigating this.

  • Kid

    Golden Advice to the high profiled celebrities: Whenever netizens/media accuse you or make mean rumors about you, don’t take action. The more you fight, the more they fight.

  • bi

    this is like jealous to a new level. I know korean fans are passionate bout their idols and all but yes you are so dumb lolol

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